I ate a bunch of honey buns

Hey everyone! =)
I know I've been a busy bee lately -__- but i'll give time for this no matter what ;)

I was running errands all day. I had to go to school, had to go to the bank. And also had to pick out a present for my friend's birthday party. So with all of that running around, comfort was key! I wanted to try this Donut bun hairstyle to keep myself comfy and cool with my pink&fresh tank top pairing it with my super cute shorts ;D

Happy Florals

Hi guys! :)  I hope you're having a wonderful week so far! The weather is finally warm. I'm loving the sunny days and warm weather ^___^

So I wore my super chic floral skirt that I love so much! <3 It's so feminine and fresh. I decided to paired it with a sheer top and oxford shoes.

First Day of School

Hey Beauties! I started school this week on Wednesday July 4 :)

The first day of school was overall pretty good. I think it's going to be an interesting semester because my professors are pretty darn funny and the classes I'm taking are creative! ^___^

So, this is what I wore on my first day of school at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I didn't want to over do it, but I still wanted to look good and be comfortable.

First Blog Post

Hello everyone! =)

You might be asking yourself, why the heck is this girl writing a fashion blog? Aren't there like a gazillion fashion blogs out there? Why do we need another?

We probably don't, and I don't think I'm a "fashionista" at all :) but apparently some of my friends and family do, sooo I figured this would be kind of fun to do, so there! 
I was hesitating at first because I was worrying that no one will read my blog and no one will care about the stuff that I will be posting in the future, but then there's nothing wrong with trying :)

To start things off, here's some simple OOTD that I wore on our family dinner last Thursday ;) 

Dress: Jellybeans, Belt: SM Accessories, Necklace: SM Accessories, Bag: Egg, Sandals: A gift from Ate